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Holiday farm La Tana del Lupo is located in the region of the town of Bevagna (Perugia), a suburb of Cantalupo - a hilly area, and the land of great wines and good food.

The holiday farm is one of three businesses owned by the company Agri Luzi, run by two young boys, Daniele and David Luzi.

Daniele and David's love for nature has been inherited from their parents, Margherita and Gianfranco who, since 1972 when they married, decided to move their family into a natural and genuine environment.

They both followed in the footsteps of their parents in the business from an early age, helping with farming of the countryside (his father carried out contractor roles) and the rearing of animals (of which their mother looked after).

Daniele and David have always had a huge passion for nature and for the great things that the ground can produce. As well as dedicating their commitment to the family holiday farm, they spent their time working on the agricultural land and also managing a stable full of animals.

With their input, the family business has drastically grown, allowing them to gain so much satisfaction: Today, Daniele and David try to share the beauty of nature and genuine things with the guests of the holiday farm.

Holiday farm La Tana del Lupo
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