Agricultural produced in Perugia

Agricultural produce … on our doorstep!

Daniele and David, associates and owners of the Company Agri Luzi di Bevagna (Perugia), a village of Cantalupo, offer the customers and guests the opportunity to buy the genuine produce of their land.

The two brothers are directly involved in the cultivation of the farm; they own 80 hectares of land where they sow wheat, corn, sunflowers, alfalfa, field beans and legumes as well as having olive groves where they produce a high quality oil.

They are also owners of a stable with many animals, within which we can find cows, for fattening and breeding, sheep, chickens, pigs and geese.

The farm produce is sold still very fresh; those who took advantage know for sure that it is about food produced in a genuine way>, using methods which are respectful of nature and to man, and products that come directly from the same farm.